Learn More About Our Operation & How We Began In Industrial Salvage


To conserve valuable environmental and financial resources we aim to re-purpose as many supplies and industrial equipment as possible. We realize that in difficult economic times and shrinking budgets the need to maintain, repair, and even expand your processes continues. Moses B. Glick, LLC desires to be the bridge between large corporations that are downsizing or moving overseas and the small, start-up companies founded by those displaced employees with limited capital. It is these entrepreneurs that will fill the voids and are becoming the future of manufacturing in this country. It is our goal to salvage the priceless multitudes of machinery being discarded and to offer it to the surviving companies who once thought this type of equipment was outside of their budgets.


For over twenty years, Moses B. Glick, LLC has been the trailblazer in the field of buying, dismantling, and selling the subsequent parts of numerous classes of plants and facilities. Today, M. B. Glick is highly regarded by a multitude of national and international liquidators and auctioneers. In many instances, M. B. Glick is consulted by liquidators in the beginning stages of a facility reduction project to help ascertain the value and many times partners with liquidators in order to maximize the asset values. M.B. Glick also works directly with building owners after the auction process to continue to help them maximize value of “in place assets” and minimize expenses such as energy consumption. M.B. Glick assists building owners that are facing large demolition costs, downsizings and plant closings, to help identify what the most economical approach is. All while helping the client to achieve the maximum value for their assets.

The diversity of customers includes, but is not limited to:

  • The Power Generating Industry
  • NASA Testing and Research Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities range from production of paper to plastics, as well as electronics, foods, foundries, forge shops, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, film, etc.


Moses B. Glick, LLC is based in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, just minutes from North of Reading. We focus on acquiring industrial salvage, surplus and unwanted equipment, machinery, metals & materials and reselling these items in the marketplace for their intended purpose. If the sale of an item is not feasible, we will recycle the base material so it may be remanufactured into another product, avoiding disposal in a landfill. As such, our company is truly “Green.” We sell online through our Web Store, Retail Location open to the public, located in Fleetwood, PA (North of Reading, PA), and eBay. In addition to the above, we also provide Selective Demolition, Warehouse & Factory Clean-out, and Scrap Metal Services across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. We are small enough to provide friendly helpful service, and large enough to always be open to new projects and ventures. Honesty, Precision, and Customer Service are our specialties.

What We Sell:

  • Metals of all kinds and sizes
  • Structural Steel, Stainless, & Aluminum
  • Steel plate, sheet, pipe, flat & round bar, rebar
  • Aluminum plate, sheet, extrusions, pipe, flat & round bar
  • Stainless plate, sheet, pipe, tubing, flat & round bar
  • Grating & Expanded Metal
  • Brass & Copper
  • Fasteners and hardware
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Pumps, motors, compressors
  • Pallet racking
  • Vidmar and similar storage cabinets
  • Hand, power and machine shop tools
  • Welding equipment and materials
  • Electrical & HVAC controls and equipment
  • Off-spec/secondary products and much more!


Successfully complete projects in a safe and timely manner while exceeding our customers’ expectations. PERIOD. By fully utilizing M.B. Glick to manage a demolition, scrap, asset liquidation, and or salvage project the consolidation process creates huge savings for the customer. In many instances, it even creates greater than anticipated revenue for their organization. M.B. Glick committedly believes in promoting a safe work atmosphere not only for M.B. Glick employees, but those working in close proximity to them. The mission was to develop not only a system, but a team, that allows M.B. Glick not only to honor the agreements and contracts we have entered into, but to complete the projects in a safe and timely manner, often exceeding the customers’ expectations. Our team at M.B. Glick looks forward to the opportunity of exceeding your project expectations!