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We Love A Good Mess

The work that sets Moses B. Glick, LLC apart from the rest of our industry is the proficiency in which we perform warehouse cleanout and specialty/surgical demolitions. Our diverse network for resale, combined with our proficiency in removal, creates a great savings and service for our large customer base. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a service that allows them to maintain operations with little to no disturbance, maximizing their company revenue, while simultaneously accomplishing the minimization of unwanted material, assets, and facilities.

Our list of completed projects include Power Generating Stations, Military Installations, NASA Testing Facilities, and Manufacturing Facilities including, but not limited to, paper and plastics production, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical production, electronics, and foundries. Each project is tailored to the precise needs of the client, often with strict deadlines.  We are fully insured, and our crew have the experience and training to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. Contact us today to see how Moses B. Glick, LLC can help you.