Leemco 3″ Globe Valve LGV-300SB For 9-15 17DR Lateral


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New. But does not come in the original packaging. The on in the picture does show some chips broken off in the coating.

Lateral to mainline connection is made with ductile
iron, resilient seated globe valve. Valve body and
restraint clamps are constructed of ductile iron.
Epoxy coating on all interior and exterior surfaces
are fusion bonded epoxy, 10-12 mil thickness. Valve
mechanism and hardware are made of 100% 304-
series stainless steel. The valve stem is fine
threaded stainless steel, O-Ring sealed for ease of
operation. Valve connection to the mainline fitting is
spigot x bell, mechanically attached and swivel
about the base 360 degrees to allow positioning of
valve outlet to any desired direction. Valve outlet is
deep bell, gasket and equipped with integrally cast
joint restraint clamps to securely fasten pipe to the
valve. Restraint has blunt cast serrations. Machine
threaded restraints will not be allowed. Riser
extensions are stackable.
Manufacturer Leemco


Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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