Bussmann Low Peak Dual Element Time Delay Fuse LPJ-6SP


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  • Fuse Type: Dual-element time-delay fuse
  • Model: LPJ-6SP
  • Manufacturer: Bussmann (a division of Eaton)
  • Voltage Rating: Typically 600 volts AC or DC
  • Amperage Rating: 6 amps
  • Fuse Class: Low-Peak (LP) series
  • Features: Time-delay characteristic to handle temporary overloads and inrush currents without blowing unnecessarily

This type of fuse is commonly used in applications where protection against short circuits and overloads is required, such as in industrial machinery, control panels, and electrical distribution systems. It’s important to ensure that the fuse is properly sized and rated for the specific application to provide effective protection.

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