Enidine YI2B12318 Air Spring Bumper Double Convolute Goodyear


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  • Brand: Goodyear Enidine
  • Air Spring Type: Double Convolute
  • Part Number: YI-2B12-318

Key Features:

  1. Double Convolute Design: Incorporates two convolutes for enhanced load-bearing capacity.
  2. Brand: Goodyear Enidine, a reputable manufacturer of air springs.
  3. Part Number YI-2B12-318: A specific identifier for this double convolute air spring model.


  • Used in various industrial and automotive applications for shock absorption and load support.


  1. Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity: The double convolute design provides increased strength and load support.
  2. Reliable Brand: Goodyear Enidine is known for producing high-quality air springs.
  3. Model Specific: Designed for compatibility with specific applications.

Usage Recommendations:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with the specific application and system.
  2. Installation: Follow Goodyear Enidine’s installation guidelines for proper setup.
  3. Maintenance: Adhere to recommended maintenance procedures for prolonged performance.
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Enidine Goodyear


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