Lanfranchi ARL40 Centrifugal Fan Blower Air Handler


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The Lanfranchi ARL40 Centrifugal Fan Blower Air Handler is a high-quality industrial fan designed to efficiently move air in various applications. With its powerful motor and durable construction, this centrifugal fan blower is capable of delivering a high volume of air at a consistent pressure, making it ideal for ventilation, cooling, and drying processes in commercial and industrial settings. 2. This air handler features a compact design that allows for easy installation in tight spaces, while still providing reliable performance. The Lanfranchi ARL40 is equipped with advanced technology to ensure smooth operation and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve air circulation and quality. 3. Whether you need to cool down a large warehouse, ventilate a manufacturing facility, or dry out a construction site, the Lanfranchi ARL40 Centrifugal Fan Blower Air Handler is a versatile and efficient solution that will meet your needs. Invest in this reliable and durable fan blower to enhance the air quality and comfort of your workspace.


Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 48 × 44 in


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