Continental Hydraulics VED05M-5AC-60-GR-K1-12D-B Solenoid Valve


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The Continental Hydraulics VED05M-5AC-60-GR-K1-12D-B appears to be a solenoid valve or part of a solenoid valve assembly manufactured by Continental Hydraulics. Here’s a breakdown of the model number:

  • VED05M: This likely denotes the series or model of the solenoid valve.
  • 5AC: This part of the code might indicate specific features or configurations of the solenoid valve.
  • 60: This could refer to the maximum operating pressure of the solenoid valve, possibly 6000 PSI.
  • GR: This might stand for “Gray,” indicating the color or finish of the solenoid valve.
  • K1: This could indicate a specific configuration or option for the solenoid valve.
  • 12D: This part of the code may denote the size or number of ports on the solenoid valve.
  • B: This letter may denote a particular variant or version of the solenoid valve.

Continental Hydraulics is known for manufacturing high-quality hydraulic components, including solenoid valves, used in various industrial applications for controlling fluid flow and pressure.

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