POTTER SYSU-1 Outside Screw and Yoke Supervisory Switch (Single Switch)


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  • Brand: Potter Electric Signal Company
  • Model: SYSU-1
  • Type: Outside Screw and Yoke Supervisory Switch
  • Configuration: Single Switch

Key Features:

  1. Supervisory Switch: Monitors the position of the outside screw and yoke assembly.
  2. Single Switch Configuration: Designed for applications requiring a single supervisory switch.
  3. Brand: Potter Electric Signal Company, known for fire and security solutions.


  • Used in fire alarm systems to supervise the position of outside screw and yoke assemblies.


  1. Reliable Monitoring: Provides supervisory feedback on the position of critical components.
  2. Single Switch Design: Suitable for applications where a single supervisory switch is sufficient.
  3. Brand Reputation: Potter Electric Signal Company is recognized for reliable fire and security products.

Usage Recommendations:

  1. Application Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with the specific fire alarm system.
  2. Installation: Follow Potter Electric Signal Company’s installation guidelines for proper setup.
  3. Maintenance: Adhere to recommended maintenance procedures for reliable operation.
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