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The SYNCHRON CK12RK-24-1WR is a synchronous motor designed for various applications where precise control of speed and position is required. Here’s a brief overview of its specifications:

  • Model: CK12RK-24-1WR
  • Type: Synchronous motor
  • Voltage: 24 volts (typically DC)
  • Power: The power rating (in watts or horsepower) should be specified in the motor’s documentation.
  • Features:
    • Synchronous operation: The motor rotates at a constant speed that is synchronized with the frequency of the applied voltage.
    • High torque output: Synchronous motors can provide high torque even at low speeds, making them suitable for applications requiring precise control.
    • Precise speed control: Synchronous motors offer excellent speed regulation and can maintain a constant speed even under varying loads.

Applications for SYNCHRON CK12RK-24-1WR motors can include automation systems, robotics, conveyor systems, medical equipment, and more. It’s essential to consult the motor’s datasheet or documentation for detailed technical specifications and usage guidelines.

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