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Used, in nice condition. This pump was taken out of a working lab but do not know if this pump is in working condition.

With the Leybold Turbovac 250/20/20IC, high functionality meets outstanding performance. 

This Leybold Turbovac 250/20/20IC p/n 822301V1000 turbo pump with an integrated vacuum system controller is specificaly design to operate with Thermo Fisher Exactive Mass Spectrometer.

Designed to offer the best performance-to-size ratio within the ISO 63, 100 and 160 flange size range, the Leybold Turbovac 250/20/20IC features a cutting-edge rotor and drag stage design, contributing to high performance and unparalleled pumping speeds, especially for light gas varieites.

Leybold Turbovac 250/20/20IC – Typical Applications:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Exactive Mass Spectrometer
  • Mass Spectrometers (Gas Chromatography GC-MS), Liquid Chromatography (LC-MS), Residual Gas Analysis, Mobile Analytical Systems, etc.)

Leybold Turbovac 250/20/20IC – Technical Features

  • Oil-Free Pump
  • High Pressure Foreline Tolerance
  • Excellent Resistance to Vibration Due to Proven Mechanical Bearings
  • Efficient Convection Cooling Due to a Large Number of Cooling Fans
  • Purge Gas/Venting Connection
  • Installation in Any Orientation
  • Flexible Attachment of the Frequency Converter to the Pump
  • Small Exhaust Footprint


Leybold Turbovac 250 iX – User Advantages:

  • Easy to Integrate Into Complex Vacuum Systems
  • Space-Saving; Maneuverability
  • High Reliability Due to Self-Monitoring


Leybold Turbovac 250 iX Dimensions:

Leybold TURBOVAC 250 ix, DN100 ISO-K, 820051V3300, Dimensions

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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